What’s Hemflake?

Hemflake grew from a very simple idea and it goes as follows: “Hey guys, we make literally the best hemp products in all of Europe. Selling it directly would make things easier for us and more transparent for the consumers out there. Why don’t we cut out all the middlemen and directly provide our customers with our high-quality hemp produce”? And so that’s exactly what we did. 

Is your hemp actually the best though?

In a word, yes. The Nordic climate, clean air and unspoilt soil mean that we have the perfect environment to grow Finola hemp. Actually, we grow 4,000+ hectares of edible hemp each year, so there’s plenty to eat for everyone. We’ve been growing our own hemp for over 15 years and also have our own processing plant. That means that the product that lands on your plate has been taken care of by us and no one else. 

But don’t just listen to us flattering ourselves. One of our biggest clients is HIPP, the global baby food producer that has arguably the highest quality and food safety standards on planet Earth. We’re also officially…

  • Organic-certified (meaning we don’t put silly things in our soil or produce)
  • ISO-certified (meaning we have a properly documented management and manufacturing process)
  • in accordance with HACCP (meaning that we have a number of mechanisms to ensure food safety)

How do you achieve this quality?

It’s really simple and difficult at the same time. We have honed our skills for many years, analysed the best soil and weather conditions for hemp, and kept our harvest free from GMO, unhealthy pesticides and all that other nasty stuff.

The second step was then to build up the machinery required to refine the hemp seeds so they can truly shine. We have the biggest hemp seed de-hulling facility in Europe which, not by accident, guarantees hemp hearts with 99.9% purity. We have also invested in a really cool cold-press system for our hemp seed oil so that all the good nutrients are not lost before the bottle reaches you.

Alright, I’m in. Where can I get some?

Outstanding question! Right this way to the product pages!