organically sourced hemp products

Products straight from the clean Nordic soil. Truly farm-to-table.


What’s Hemflake?

Hemflake grew from a very simple idea and it goes as follows: “Hey guys, we make literally the best hemp products in all of Europe. Selling it directly would make things easier for us and more transparent for the consumers out there. Why don’t we cut out all the middlemen and directly provide our customers with our high-quality hemp produce”? And so that’s exactly what we did. 

Quality matters

One of our biggest clients is HIPP, the global baby food producer that has arguably the highest quality and food safety standards on planet Earth. We’re also officially…

  • Organic-certified (meaning we don’t put silly things in our soil or product)
  • ISO-certified (meaning we have a properly documented management and manufacturing process)
  • in accordance with HACCP (meaning that we have a number of mechanisms to ensure food safety)

Best hemp in all of Europe?

In a word, yes. The Nordic climate, clean air and unspoilt soil mean that we have the perfect environment to grow Finola hemp. Actually, we grow 4,000+ hectares of edible hemp each year, so there’s plenty to eat for everyone. We’ve been growing our own hemp for over 15 years and also have our own processing plant. That means that the product that lands on your plate has been taken care of by us and no one else.

What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana?

Put simply, the main difference is the level of psychotropic substances (THC). Hemp is made specifically to be THC-free and suitable as food whereas marijuana contains a lot of THC which will get you high. Find out more about the differences between hemp and marijuana, check out this useful overview.

Hemp products are often referred to as “superfood”. Why?

There are plenty of good nutrients in hemp. Hemp seeds are the basis of all products that we offer and they contain an almost criminal amount of healthy stuff: Omega 3 and Omega 6, iron, vitamin E, amino acids… and as a bonus, it adds some nice flavour, too! 

While we recommend hemp products to everyone interested in some nutty-flavoured goodness, vegetarians and vegans are particularly happy with our products. Some of hemp’s nutrients are usually found in meat and seafoods which is obviously not an option for our veg-friends. Also, if you have a nut allergy but don’t want to miss the taste, here’s your solution.

Hemp recipes